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Career Exploration and Work Experiences

CTE Studnets

Finding Purpose 

High school is a transformative period for self-discovery and exploration, prompting students to identify passions and life goals. Central to this journey is the crucial task of discerning a sense of purpose, a driving force that provides meaning and direction. Uncovering purpose is an ongoing process, shaping decisions and life throughout. Initiating this exploration early equips students to make choices aligned with their values, interests, and strengths, establishing a solid foundation for a meaningful career pathway.

Edina Public Schools is committed to providing practical, hands-on skills for the future of each student at Edina High School. The district has an exciting goal that by 2030, every graduating senior will have completed an internship, work experience or other opportunity to obtain real-world skills and credentials in a career area.   

There are three ways we're working towards this goal: 

  • Career exploration
  • Career and Technical Education Classes 
  • Work experiences  

Career Exploration Team

Cheryl Gunness
Community Involvement Programs Coordinator
Anne Marie Leland
Director of Community Education and Strategic Partnerships
Shannon Seaver
Career and Technical Department Co-Lead
Jodi Ramirez
Career and Technical Department Co-Lead