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A Volunteer in our Early Learning Center

There are a variety of ways to get involved in our community. We are thankful for all the ways our community members support the educational excellence happening in our district.


Edina Public Schools is committed to using volunteers to promote and strengthen partnerships between the school and the community, as well as help personalize instruction and enrich curriculum for all learners.


Come join our team and help us in creating a learning community where all participate and all belong. Check out all our our employment opportunities.

Teach a Class:

Do you have a special skill, interest, knowledge, or hobby you'd like to share with your neighbors? Edina Community Ed is always looking for enthusiastic teachers and new class ideas that help meet the needs of learners of all ages, stages, abilities, and interests.

Community Bulletin Board:

Our Community Bulletin Board is where non-profit partners of Edina Public Schools may post information for the knowledge of our community.

Edina Resource Center:

The Edina Resource Center is here to help you find services in our community. We provide a list of resources available to help in areas such as food, housing, transportation, healthcare, financial support and more.

Advisory Council:

Our Advisory Council provides Community Ed with input, direction and insight

AmeriCorps Promise Fellow Opportunity 2023-24:

Promise Fellow PDF

Text to translate: 

WHERE YOU SERVE Promise Fellows serve students directly in a school or through a community-based organization for the duration of their service. Host sites are located across Minnesota, in the Twin Cities Metro, St. Cloud, Northfield, Duluth, and more! 

YOU SERVE Attendance: Provide attendance coaching, call home if students miss class, and increase attendance by creating a caring adult relationship. Engagement: Provide avenues for increased youth engagement in school and the broader community by coordinating programs like lunchtime mentoring, book clubs, promoting youth leadership development, and connecting youth with civic opportunities. Course Performance: Help students set academic goals and provide before, in, and after school educational support for individuals and small groups as students work towards their goals. As an AmeriCorps Promise Fellow, you will join a statewide cohort of Promise Fellows supporting 6th-12th-grade students. You will train alongside other individuals that have answered the call to serve, providing direct support for up to 30 students during the school year (September 1st - May 31st, with the option of extending through the summer). Promise Fellows support students in the areas of: AmeriCorps Promise Fellows spend a school year helping a small group of Minnesota students in grades 6 to 12 get the education they need to start off strong in life. Much more than a tutor, AmeriCorps Promise Fellows use the proven Promise Fellow Model for youth support to provide one-on-one support for students who are struggling in school. As a Promise Fellow, you will foster your student’s unique talents, honor their voices, and help them prepare for graduation and beyond.

YOU LEARN Close the opportunity gap. Minnesota has some of the largest educational disparities in the nation. As part of your service, you will be trained on equity-focused topics that enrich your understanding of and ability to support middle and high school students in Minnesota. As a Promise Fellow, you will learn how to identify and understand the systems that affect students in Minnesota–and identify and enact solutions to the changes that your students are facing. Amplify youth voice. You will be trained in Motivational Interviewing and WOOP (Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, Plan) goalsetting practices, which strengthen young people's autonomy and empowers them to create change. Deepen self-awareness. During your Promise Fellow service, you will be able to explore and clarify your unique strengths and interests and how to use those to meet your personal and professional goals. Practice leadership. As a Promise Fellow, you will have the chance to develop and exercise lifelong leadership skills that will make you a powerful force for good.

YOU EARN AmeriCorps Living Stipend: $733 twice per month for 35hrs/week $580 stipend for 25hrs/week, $435for 18hrs/week) AmeriCorps Education Award: $4,826.50 Education Award upon successful completion of service. This award can be used toward federally qualifying student loans (federal student financial aid loans, not including ParentPlus loans) or future qualified post-secondary education. ($3,447.50 ed award for 25hrs/week, $2,626.27 for 18hrs/week) Benefits: Health and dental insurance, qualified student loan forbearance, qualified child care assistance, AmeriCoach life coach, TAP transportation card (metro area), support applying for SNAP benefits.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS 18 years or older High School graduate with a Diploma or GED A U.S. Citizen, U.S. National, or Lawful Permanent Resident Alien of the United States Able to pass a complete National Service Criminal Service History check

Please note: This program is available to all, regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity or expression, political affiliation, marital or parental status, genetic information, and military service. Reasonable accommodations are provided upon request for interviews and service activities. This document is available in alternative formats.

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